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New Taurus Raging Hunter revolver in

New Taurus Raging Hunter revolver in .460 S&W

Virtual SHOT Show 2021 / New from Taurus: Raging Hunter revolver in .460 S&W. Three barrel lengths are available, and you can choose between a two tone or a matte black finish. These big bore revolvers are intended for hunting (where allowed by the law, of course) and are capable of taking down big game.

Introduced in 2019, Taurus Raging Hunter revolvers were already available in the popular .357 Mag./.38 Spl. + P, .44 Mag, and .454 Casull calibers. The family now welcomes the .460 S&W addition. Like its siblings, the new Taurus Raging Hunter in .460 S&W will be available in three barrel lengths (8-3/8″, 6-3/4″, 5-1/8″) and with both a two tone or matte black finish. Frame material is stainless steel (two tone versions) or alloy steel (matte black versions). Barrel is stainless steel. The cylinder has a capacity of 5 rounds. Action type is DA/SA, and a classic transfer-bar safety system provides that the hammer can strike the cartridge primer only when the trigger is pulled all the way to the rear.

Other features are the same of the Raging Hunter series, that is the signature sleeved barrel construction that cuts down on overall weight, and factory tuned porting and gas expansion chamber to reduce muzzle lift, which also means a quicker target acquisition.

Along the barrel an integrated, full-length Picatinny rail allows for easy optic installation. If you prefer to use iron sights, the rear sight is fully adjustable for elevation and windage. Front sight is fixed. As for comfort and recoil management, the gun comes with an ergonomic finger-groove grip with cushioned inserts cushioned insert grips that promise to ensure a better shooting experience.

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