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New Steyr. Не только Steyr Monobloc…

New Steyr. Не только Steyr Monobloc…

Hunt big or go home.

Шоб я так жил.
Какая однако дорогая одноразовая зажигалка

«Там» бласера дешевле.

Тут только два варианта:
1. Какой-то диверсант в руководстве Манлихера проплаченный Бласером.
2. Просто идиоты в том же руководстве.

«Там» бласера дешевле.

Тут только два варианта:
1. Какой-то диверсант в руководстве Манлихера проплаченный Бласером.
2. Просто идиоты в том же руководстве.

Ща те же «идиоты в руководстве» рекламу красивую запустят,объяснят хомячкам что именно так круто- и побегут любители понтов, роняя тапки шурша купюрами, на перегонки за новой винтовкой.

Если стрелять пачку патронов в год- никаких проблем.
Кроме цены- стоила бы эта хрень как Рем 770 или Savage Axis, вообще вопросов не возникало, ресурс спалил и в утиль.
А когда предлагают обточенную болванку без всяких перспектив по цене (даже чуть дороже) Sako TRG и того же Блазера то естественно это вызывает негативную реакцию у народа.

Штайры всегда были дороже продуктов Сако. Не лучше, но дороже.
А в смысле конструкции решение интересное. цена, соглашусь, не интересная, стоил бы 1-2 штуки Йоро, тогда покапали бы)
А вот конструкция давно напрашивалась.

Целая толпа, аж полтора человека.

За эту цену можно взять бласера с новоротами или пучок тикк в разных калибрах и длинах.

Потому, что в руководстве умные и дальновидные ребята, которые сделали одноразовую винтовку по цене трёх-четырёх обычных, и у которой эксклюзивное крепление прицелов.

Всё это несомненно будет способствовать бешеной популярности этой модели, и вытеснит бласер, саку и тикку с рынка.

The Firearm Blog

Steyr has introduced a new bolt action rifle called MONOBLOC. The new rifle has a number of innovative features such as the one-piece barrel and receiver as well as the new ergonomic stock. Let’s take a closer look.

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The most significant feature of this rifle is that the barrel and receiver are a one-piece part. In other words, unlike the traditional receivers and barrels which are made separately and attach to each other (normally the barrel is threaded into the receiver), the receiver and barrel of Steyr Monobloc are hammer forged out of the same bar stock of steel and represent a single part.

The Monobloc rifle also has an ergonomic stock with a modern or maybe a bit futuristic appearance. The stock features an aluminum bedding block and leather inlays. The leather inlays are built into the cheek rest, grip and forearm which are the areas that contact the shooter’s hands and face when shouldering the rifle. With leather inlays in the mentioned areas, the rifle should be much more comfortable.

The Steyr Monobloc rifle also comes with a detachable trigger group and manual cocking mechanism. The rifle is fed from 4-round detachable box magazines. It will be first available chambered in .308 Winchester or .30-06 Springfield. Later the following caliber options will be added: 270 Win., 7×64, 8x57IS. The overall length of Steyr Monobloc rifle is 42.3″ (1,075mm) with the 22″ (558 mm) barrel. The rifle weighs 8 lbs 2.5 oz (3.7 kilograms).

The price for the European market is estimated at €4,600 which is approximately equal to $5,300. This new rifle will hit the market in the spring of 2019.

Steyr confirmed that they will bring this rifle to SHOT Show 2019 which means that we’ll present to our readers another article with a comprehensive description and a lot of detailed images of the Monobloc rifle. Stay tuned!

Many thanks to Mike B. for the help with translation!

Steyr Monobloc, the revolutionary hunting rifle

Steyr Monobloc, the revolutionary hunting rifle

Steyr Arms of Austria announced the Steyr Monobloc bolt-action hunting rifle: a revolution in construction and accuracy, to be launched in Spring 2019

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The Steyr Arms GmbH company gave us a sneak preview of a new hunting rifle to be introduced early next year and to be made commercially available in Spring 2019: the Steyr Monobloc is anticipated as a revolution in the way the Austrian company conceives and manufactures its hunting products.

A «revolution in every respect»: this is how Steyr Arms of Austria describes the recently-announced Monobloc hunting rifle

The Steyr Monobloc will be an all-metal rifle, built following the strictest military standards for toughness and reliability in the harshest hunting condition.

The «Monobloc» namesake comes from the peculiar construction procedure: the barrel and receiver are manufactured out of the same, single block of steel in order to maximize accuracy.

The only synthetic component in the Steyr Monobloc hunting rifle will be the polymer stock, available in several colors, reminiscent in shape and ergonomics to the already popular Steyr Scout model and offering features such as a rock-solid aluminum bedding and leather inserts on the pistol grip, handguard, and cheek rest for additional comfort.

The Steyr Monobloc bolt-action hunting rifle will be 1075 mm (42.3″) long and 3,7 kilograms (8.2 lbs) heavy overall, and will come with a 558 mm / 22″ barrel.

Among the announced safety features are a manual cocking system, a bolt lock, and a detachable forward set trigger group.

The Monobloc rifle will feed through detachable metal magazines with a polymer floorplate, offering an overall capacity of four rounds plus one in chamber. The announced calibers are .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, .270 Winchester, 7x64mm and 8×57 IS.

No further information is available so far, other than the tentative retail price: the company announced an MSRP of 4.600 Euros on the European market.

VIDEO / Steyr Monobloc | The future is now

New flagship: STEYR MOTORS presents 6-cylinder Common Rail Monoblock engine

The new 6-cylinder Common Rail from STEYR MOTORS


STEYR MOTORS has introduced the next 6-cylinder in-line engine generation and thus also the latest addition to its Common Rail series: the M16 Common Rail showing a pow-erful design idiom. The Monoblock engine will be available with power ratings of 160, 180, 200 and 225 kW.

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Innovative engine technology by STEYR MOTORS meets a striking design idiom: the new 6-cylinder Common Rail engine, based on the undisputed characteristics and strengths of the 6-cylinder Unit Injector engine, was designed to be EU V, Stage V and EU VI suitable. Meeting these emission standards was an indispensable and decisive aspect for the Steyr-based com-pany in the development of the M16 Common Rail. Thanks to its multi-fuel capability, this Com-mon Rail engine is one step ahead of the competition, and convinces with its smooth operation.

The M16 is the heart of the Common Rail series
The M14 Common Rail and the SEC 4-cylinder in the marine sector were only the beginning: STEYR MOTORS, as the Monoblock engine specialist, now ensures continued technological progress with the 6-cylinder series. Maintaining the success factors of Unit Injection technology, such as high power density and a compact & light form factor, was the top priority for the M16 Common Rail by STEYR MOTORS. This goal was clearly achieved. The especially for the Mon-oblock engine developed Common Rail system is decisive for the anticipated market interest. The oil-lubricated fuel pump enables operation with various fuel types. Moreover, the mainte-nance process is facilitated significantly by the overall Common Rail system design. Therefore, this 6-cylinder engine will be sustainably established in the market.

Engineering quality from STEYR MOTORS
The tried and tested strength of the Steyr engine manufacturer is customisation. Each engine in the portfolio is adapted to the customer’s requirements. For STEYR MOTORS’ customers, this means that the engine can be designed to suit their individual requirements based on a variety of options and system solutions. The company from Steyr, Austria, is initially launching four dif-ferent basic models of the 6-cylinder Common Rail — 160, 180, 200 and 225 kW.

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