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Револьверные и магазинные ручные гранатомёты

Револьверные и магазинные ручные гранатомёты


  • 1 Апр 2005
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  • это газовое или разрывное оружие?


    • 1 Апр 2005
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  • Олег Грановский

    • 2 Апр 2005
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    Задание на разработку многозарядного ручного гранатомета под выстрелы ВОГ-24 и ВОГ-25П от гранатомета ГП-25 было выдано ЦКИБ СОО в ноябре 1993 г.

    Uri Leizin

    • 2 Апр 2005
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  • Олег Грановский

    • 2 Апр 2005
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  • Uri Leizin

    • 2 Апр 2005
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  • Олег Грановский

    • 2 Апр 2005
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  • Да, ты прав. Только он называется MGL Mk1 и далее обозначение версии. Сокращение MGL обозначает Multiple Grenade Launcher, так что 1-зарядная версия скорее всего так не называется.

    MGL Mk-1L 40 mm multiple-grenade launcher (6 shot)

    The Milkor MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) Mk-1L six-shot grenade launcher is a variant of the MGL Mk-1S grenade launcher. The design was finalised during 1998 and qualification took place in 1999. Production commenced during 2000 and it is currently in service with seven countries.
    The original MGL Mk-1S has a chamber length of 110 mm. With the introduction of the longer and heavier 40 × 46 mm pyrotechnic rounds, the MGL Mk-1L chamber length is increased to 140 mm and the frame has been strengthened to accommodate the longer and heavier rounds. The MGL Mk-1L is capable of firing both standard 40 × 46 mm and the longer, heavier rounds.
    The MGL Mk-1L is provided with a NATO standard sight rail and a telescopic butt. Items such as the sight, the sling, the cleaning kit and the packaging remain as for the MGL Mk-1S.

    Calibre: 40 × 46 mm
    Length: 765 mm (stock extended); 665 mm (stock retracted)
    Weight: 6 kg (empty)
    Rifling: Progressive with 1 in 1200 mm final twist
    Min range: 30 m
    Max range: 400 m
    Effective range: 365 m
    Cylinder capacity: 6 rounds of less than 139 mm in length
    Surface Treatment: Gunkote SCK6

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    Milkor (Pty) Ltd.
    Marketed by Milkor Marketing (Pty) Ltd.

    In production and in service with 6 countries.

    MGL Mk-1L 40 mm multiple-grenade launcher (Milkor (Pty) Ltd)

    MGL Mk-1L 40 mm multiple-grenade launcher (Milkor (Pty) Ltd)

    Milkor 40 mm MGL Mark 1S six-shot multiple grenade launcher

    The Milkor Mk 1 six-shot Multiple Grenade Launcher (MGL) is a light semi-automatic low-velocity shoulder-fired 40 × 46 mm grenade launcher with a 6-round capacity. It uses the well-proven revolver principle to achieve a high rate of accurate fire which can be rapidly brought to bear on a target. A variety of rounds such as High-Explosive (HE), High-Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT), anti-riot baton, irritant or pyrotechnic can be loaded and fired at a rate of one round per second; the cylinder can be loaded or unloaded rapidly to maintain a high rate of fire. Although intended primarily for offensive/defensive use with HE rounds, with appropriate ammunition, the launcher is suitable for anti-riot and other security operations.
    The 40 mm MGL was demonstrated as a concept to the South African Defence Force (now the South African National Defence Force) in 1981. The operating principle was immediately accepted and was subjected to a stringent qualification programme. After over 12 years of production and more than a decade of user feedback from different countries around the world, it became evident that a redesign of some component groups would make the weapon even more user-friendly and reliable, while at the same time simplifying maintenance. The resultant 40 mm MGL Mk 1 was therefore introduced to the market in 1996. As a result of continuous development, based on user feedback, the latest version of the MGL Mk 1 was launched in 2004 as the MGL Mk 1S. The MGL Mk 1S has a stainless-steel frame and a NATO-standard sight rail. A telescopic butt further enhances operational use. The surface treatment on the MGL is Guncote SCK6. Total production since 1983 has been more than 24,000 units.

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    The MGL 40 mm grenade launcher consists of a progressively rifled steel barrel, a sight assembly, a stainless-steel frame with a firing mechanism, a spring-actuated revolving cylinder and a folding butt. The rear of the frame swivels to allow full access to the revolving cylinder magazine. This design has the advantage that all loaded rounds are immediately available to the firer and any loaded rounds can be changed as required. The cylinder is driven by a spring that is rewound by rotating the cylinder during reloading. Cylinder advance and alignment are controlled by a gas-operated index system that is activated when a round is fired. The index system can also be operated by a manual release to select the next round and in case of a misfire. An extractor is fitted to the back of the cylinder to facilitate the ejection of fired cartridge cases. The firing mechanism is of the double-action type and operates independently from the cylinder index system. The sight is mounted on a NATO-standard rail for quick removal. The sight base provides for rapid range adjustment and compensates automatically for the ballistic drift of the grenades. The reticule design allows quick aiming-point adjustment and range estimation. The telescopic butt is of rigid construction and is fitted with a recoil pad to reduce felt recoil. The butt has two positions: open and closed. The open position extends the butt rearwards, for storage or transportation and for use in confined spaces. The closed position shortens the overall length by 100 mm. The safety catch blocks the movement of the hammer and is ambidextrous, making the launcher equally suited to left-handed or right-handed users. To prevent accidental discharge if the launcher should be dropped, the hammer is prevented from moving forward, and the trigger is in the rest position. The firing mechanism cannot be operated when the chamber is not in alignment with the barrel. The design safety of the MGL incorporates a feature which leaves a misfired round to stay aligned with the chamber until the misfire drill has been completed.
    A powered Occluded Eye Gunsight (OEG) makes this a radioactive-free weapon system. The OEG has range adjustment that automatically compensates for the drift of the grenades, ensuring accurate aimed fire up to 400 metres. The universal sight rail also facilitates the use of a Reflex Sight that is battery operated and has a watertight sight body to prevent rain from distorting the reticule image on the lens. The reticule is of the same grid construction as the OEG and allows for easy correction of fall of shot and uses the same elevation system as for the OEG sight. The reflex sight system is compatible with night-vision devices, providing a 24 hour capability.
    Primarily designed as a hand-held launcher, the MGL has also been observed on various forms of vehicle mounting.

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    Calibre: 40 × 46 mm
    Operation: semi-automatic, single-shot
    Feed: 6-chamber revolving cylinder for rounds of less than 104 mm in length
    Weight unloaded: 5.6 kg
    butt folded: 630 mm
    butt extended: 730 mm
    barrel: 300 mm
    Height with sight fitted: 270 mm
    Width: 160 mm
    Rifling: 6 grooves, rh, progressive with1 turn in 1,200 mm at muzzle
    Muzzle velocity: 76 m/s
    Rate of fire: practical, 18 rds/min
    max effective: 365 m
    training: 100 m
    combat: 30 m

    PO Box 12434, 0028 Hatfield, South Africa.

    South African National Defence Force plus 33 other countries worldwide, including Colombia (200), Mexico, Peru (at least 66, Sweden and several NATO nations. Total production since 1983 has been more than 24,000 units.

    K K Metallic
    Type: Rucni Bacac Granata 40 mm (RBG-6)
    Remarks: Production not authorised and no licence agreement exists; see separate entry under Croatia

    Milkor 40 mm MGL six-shot grenade launcher, ready to load

    Milkor 40 mm MGL six-shot grenade launcher, with butt extended

    Milkor 40 mm MGL six-shot grenade launcher, with butt retracted

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